The City of Englewood
Health Department
Online Pet License Application

This online application is for New Pet Licensing and/or Owner Account Setup for Renewal


Dog - Non-neutered / Non-spayed = $12
           neutered / spayed = $8
Cat - Non-neutered / Non-spayed = $11
          neutered / spayed = $6
Online Payment Surcharge = $2.50

Please be sure to have the following items;
1) Proof of rabies vaccination valid until . This can be uploaded with the application, faxed, or delivered.
2) Valid credit card for payment. Payment is required for online applications.
3) Valid email.
4) Allow 5 - 10 business days for processing time.

Please choose a login name and password. Your login name can be your email address if you choose. Check the box below to accept these terms and continue with the online pet license application;

Confirm Password

Password must be at least 6 characters long.